1、Implication of Trademark

1.Trademark refers to a recognizable logo which can be composed of text, graphics, symbols, colors, three-dimensional shapes, dynamics, holographic images, sounds, etc. or their combination.
2.The period of examination is approximately 10 months.
3. The term of trademark rights shall expire after a period of 10 years starting from the registration date.  The term of a registered trademark can be extended and renewed within 6 months prior to the expiration of the term of trademark, and each extension of the trademark right is 10 years.

2、Materials required for trademark application

1.The text and graphics (preferably in form of a graphic file such as JPG and TIFF), symbols, colors, sounds (such as sheet music and audio file) or three-dimensional objects of a mark to be registered, and business card or document of the mark intended to be registered. 
2. If the applicant is a natural person, please provide the name, identity card number and address of the natural person.  If the applicant is a legal entity or a company, please provide the name, representative, unified number and address of the legal entity or company.